Monday, May 14, 2012

Writing Mondays: some other news

Hey everyone! Today I'm officially beginning to edit, refine, and re-tune my novel. In the works are a few plot changes, new time constraints, and new character dynamics. All in all, I'm excited to see where my plans might take me...
via long as they don't lead me back to the drawing board. Perhaps I might post another excerpt. :-)

In the meantime, I have some news. Good news, I mean. Our house sold last weekend. So, I'm going to do my best to keep posting during the chaos. Honestly though, it won't get really bad until our moving date gets closer. But I wanted to let you guys know in advance so no one thought I dropped off the face of the earth or died. Hehe... :p

As for the blog, tomorrow I'm posting a review of Stephanie Morrill's fantastic book Me, Just Different! Be sure to stop by!

That's all for now.
God bless!

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