Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh that wonderful feeling...

I won NaNo! :-D

This is such a big deal for me for many reasons. First is because I didn't win last year. School and other responsibilities just wouldn't allow for it. I was so disappointed. I berated myself about it all year and said, "Next year I'll win. Next year." And then before I knew it, November had rolled around.

Second reason is this, I wanted to feel accomplished. I wanted to know I that I could do it. I wanted some kind of self affirmation that becoming an author is the right path for me. And boy, do I feel accomplished. :-D

Third and final reason while I'm so giddy and happy, my novel is only about 55% written! I still have 45% left!  This is so unbelievable to me, to think that for my second novel I've formed an idea that might actually hit the good ol' "novel" word count.

I'd like to talk to those of you who didn't win today. I know what you're going through. Disappointment, frustration, guilt, the "what could I have done different?" questions, etc. I have some bad news. It probably won't go away until the new year rolls around, but look at it this way. Whether you hit 20k, 30k, or 40k, you still pushed yourself to your limit. You did YOUR best. That's all anyone can ask. Besides, there's always Camp NaNo in a few months. ;) Pat yourself on the back.

To close this post, I want to say thank you to all the people who encouraged me to go forward when I was ready to give up. You all are just awesome and you have no idea how you impacted me to keep moving forward. So, thanks. :-)

Final Word Count: 50,211



  1. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo, Rosie! :)

  2. You put me to shame, Rosie. I was just looking at my pitiful six pages and thinking, "why haven't I written more of this story!?" LOL!

    CONGRATS - now treat yourself! Pat yourself on the back, you made it!!! :)

    1. Hehehe, it just takes some determination. lol

      Thank you! Oh, I have. I'm planning on getting some ice cream over the weekend to help celebrate. :D

  3. Must have been that pretty writing candle of yours :) lol, so happy for your success!

    1. Hehe! Actually, I didn't really burn one a lot the second half of the month. xD Thanks!

  4. Seeing this post made me happy! I'm so glad you did it! I hope someday I can read your novel! Good luck with the 45% you have remaining, I know you can do it!


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