Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Letters: First Edition

So, I have been wanting to do my own edition of Rissi's Little Letters meme for a long time now, yet never seemed to find the right time. That changes today. So here goes! :-)

Dear Tony Stark, I loved your final Iron Man movie. You've really come a long way since your debut in 2008. I like your humor (sometimes) and believe you and Pepper are the cutest superhero couple.

Dear May, you've started off the month with a bang. Not only did you bring spring with you, but you also brought the heat shortly behind. Not cool. Literally.

Dear Followers, I appreciate each and every one of you! Throwing giveaways for you all is such fun and I can say with authority there shall be another soon. ;-) Thanks for sticking with me.

Dear Star Trek, boy, am I pumped for your next movie! You tease me constantly with your trailers and your wonderful cast interviews! I hope Into Darkness will be just as awesome as the first. See you in theaters real soon!

Dear Writing, I miss you so much. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze some time in for you tomorrow, because we are long overdue for a rendezvous.

Dear High School, I'm so glad you're over. I'm thankful I can close this chapter of my life and dive into the next. I have several fond memories of my few years spent with you. I will treasure them forever.

Dear College, wow. It's nice to finally meet you. And it's really nice to shock other people with the fact I'm a sophomore now. lol However, my break in August is a really long time away. Please be nice to me until then, thank you. :-)

Dear Color Run, My, I'm excited for you! Training is hard for the moment, but I will relish being able to run across the finish line!

Dear Rissi, I really enjoy your blog and talking with you about the latest book we've both read. You have been a great friend when I needed one. ;-)

Dear Charity, I still have not watched Les Mis 10th Anniversary but I'll get there. In the meantime, I love fangirling with you over LOTRs and Les Mis. :D

Dear Books, there are so many of you! I will really have to prioritize to get you all read, not that I mind. Your wonderful stories keep a smile on my face when studying gets hard. Thank you for that. I'll see you very soon. :)


  1. Rosie, these are spectacular, girl! Love each one of these letters. :)

    Jealous you saw Iron Man 3. It looks so good!

    Ooh! Yay for more giveaways. The feeling is mutual, m'dear, we appreciate *you*.

    Hooray for writing - my WIP(s) is pitiful and I don't give it near the attention I should. :/

    CONGRATS on being a HS graduate. This rocks!

    Gotta' love books - they are one of life's greatest simple pleasures. :)

    Thanks bunches for the s/o. You are a great friend, Rosie - I appreciate you.

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun writing them.

      It *was* good. Oh, man. I really enjoyed it.

      Aw, thank you!

      I can relate to that

      Thanks! :D

      You're welcome. ;)

  2. Awww, you mentioned me! :) You do need to see that Les Mis...someday! As to fangirling -- well, I enjoy it way too much. ;)

    Same as Rissi, jealous you saw Iron Man 3! I have yet to see 2, but finally saw Avengers last weekend, will see IM2 THIS weekend, and hopefully 3 as well! I like IM himself a lot better in A than in 1, so hopefully 2 and 3 won't disappoint. I hear 3 is great! :) But Captain America remains my favorite... ;)

    Now, how are you a sophomore in college already? Dual enrollment in high school? It's such a handy thing. Should put me about a semester ahead...but certainly not a whole year! Lucky girl. ;)

    Have fun with those books and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing high-school! Oh happy day. :)

    So glad you did this! It was delightful. :)

    1. Of course I did! ;D Like I said, I'll get there. lol

      He really changes between IM1 and IM3. And the change is wonderful, I assure you. Oh, Charity, the Captain shall always be my favorite too! :D

      I'm in a program called CollegePlus. I've been taking college level tests and earning college credit for about a year or so now. :D

      Thanks! You should do this too, Charity. ;)

  3. Aren't these letters so fun? I was glad Rissi introduced them to me too. :)

    Yeah, I feel you regarding the heat. We've been having plenty of it here and I asked Spring where she went. I want her back!

    Congratulations on finishing high school! Isn't it such a wonderful feeling? I remember positively rejoicing once I was all done. Good luck with college. :)

    It's awful hard to get all the reading done I want in amongst living life and all that comes with it. But I shall conquer my tbr pile! I'm determined. :D

    These were great! Btw, isn't Rissi the awesome-est?

    1. Yes! Very!

      Me too. :( I'm so picky. I want it to be above 30 degree weather, but I also want it to stay under 80...

      Thank you! It is SUCH a great feeling. Now I'm eager to wrap up college. lol!

      You can do it! Because if you can do it, then I know I can! ;D

      Thanks. :) Yes, she is!

  4. Awesome that you saw Iron Man! I sooooo want to see it but I think I'm going to be waiting for it on DVD instead. Need to drag someone with me to watch Star Trek though--so psyched for it! \o/

    Congrats on graduating from high school! Best wishes with your college endeavours =)

    Haha, I hear you on the prioritising with the books. The galleys and ARCs sitting in my room are all screaming for my attention xP

    - Lianne @

    1. It will be well worth the wait, Lianne! ;) As for ST, oh my goodness. I wish it could just release all ready. :D

      Thank you! :)

      LOL! Yup. Story of my life. I hope you catch up soon!


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