Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Book Review:} Sixteen by Emily Rachelle

20565633My Review:
A marvelous debut from Emily Rachelle!

Last week, Emily stopped by to share with us the theme of Sixteen. Today I'm excited to share with you my thoughts on her novella. Simply put, Sixteen is about a mother telling her daughter a story about her mistakes.

Despite the fact it's short, Emily did a wonderful job making us care about the characters. That being said, many teens can probably relate to Nicole, or Nikki as we come to know her. I can't say that I did. I'm afraid I relate more to Christy in this instance, (haha!) but I can say that I'm proud of how Nikki responded when faced with the consequences of her actions.

I thought the ending was a bit unrealistic, but that's just my opinion. The rest of the story was delightful. I read it in one sitting. My favorite scene has to be near the end between Christy and Nikki. I won't spoil it though, so you'll have to grab a copy for yourself! ;-) If you're looking for a quick read that will leave you feeling good, you ought to give Sixteen a shot. I recommend it to girls fourteen and older. (Nikki sleeps with a guy, though we are not given any details, and as a result there is a pregnancy.)

I received an ebook copy of this novella from the author, thanks, Emily!

Back Cover:
Nicole "Nikki" Johnson has never gotten along with her mother, so when she meets a great new guy, it's no surprise that Matt's age is all her mom sees. Just because he's twenty-four and she's sixteen doesn't mean he's a creeper! Thankfully, Nikki's dad allows Nikki and Matt to be together and see how things work out. Their relationship is fantastic and Nikki is on cloud nine...

Until the Fourth of July picnic, when things go too far. Now a very changed Nikki has to make choices that will affect her every relationship - with Matt, her parents, her best friend, and most importantly, God.


  1. I'm still reading the beginning of this book, but I'm really excited for it!
    ~Sarah Faulkner



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