Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{Book Review:} Revolutionary by Krista McGee

18806299My Review:
A fast-paced conclusion to a brilliant series!

I have been eagerly awaiting Revolutionary since Luminary released last winter. Ms. McGee left us with so many questions and hardly a sufficient amount of answers! What was going to happen to Thalli and friends? What could happen next? How on earth was it all going to be resolved in one book? Thankfully, Ms. McGee gives us the answers we want and more in Revolutionary.

Thalli has grown and changed all throughout this series. When I think back to Anomaly, she's a completely different character! She's stronger and more obstinate than ever in this installment. Her journey has been rough but it's only polished her and made her better. I enjoyed watching her development come full circle.

Oh, the plot twists! Brace yourselves, people, if you're like me you won't even know which way is up! This conclusion is very well written and keeps your hand fingering the next page, ready to turn at will. I didn't think the series could improve on itself, but Ms. McGee surprised me. That said, this isn't my favorite in the series. I think Anomaly holds that place securely, but it was close. :-)  Fans of this series should not miss out!! Possible spoiler: The ending felt super rushed to me and I didn't quite like it. End possible spoiler.

I recommend to fans of Christian dystopian and sci-fi ages thirteen and up.

I received this book for free from BookLook in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!!

Back Cover:
All her life Thalli thought she was an anomaly. Now she must use her gifts to fulfill the role she was called to play: Revolutionary.

Back in the underground State against her will, Thalli is no longer the anomaly she was before. She has proven herself to be a powerful leader aboveground and returns with information that Dr. Loudin needs to complete his plan of uniting the world under one leader: himself. But he, too, has information. A secret he has kept from Thalli her entire life. A secret that, once revealed, changes everything about the person Thalli thought she was.

Hoping to help Thalli rise up against the Scientists, both Berk and Alex join her underground, but their presence only brings more trouble for her. Now Dr. Loudin knows just the leverage to use on his captive, and she is forced to choose between the two of them. Is her first love her true love? Or does Alex ultimately claim her heart?

Unsure of everything around her, including her own identity, Thalli doesn’t know where to turn. She knows she needs the Designer, but he seems further away than ever. What she does know, though, is that if she doesn’t do something to stop Loudin, the fragile world above ground will be lost once and for all.

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  1. Man, I STILL have to finish this series. I really liked book one and alas, I've just never had a chance to read these two. Guess I should remedy that. ;)


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