Wednesday, September 14, 2016

{Book Review:} Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

My Review:
27840705Oh my stars.

I wish I could have had this book a couple years ago. It would have saved me so much hurt. But I didn't, and that's okay. God brought me through and helped me work through it. In her book, Mrs. TerKeurst walks through how to overcome the pain of past or present rejection, and how to in turn live loved. If you've ever tasted that bitter sting of being rejected, I strongly recommend you pick this book up. As she points out, not tending to these wounds just allow a seed of bitterness to grow in your heart. You need to quit ignoring the problem and address it, and Mrs. TerKeurst helps you do just that.

Now, this book will not replace going to a counselor if that is what you need. But it has helped me in so many ways. Mrs. TerKeurst writes in such a relatable fashion, she shares her heart and her struggles. She reminded me that I wasn't alone. And that I wasn't the only one who had ever felt this way. She was encouraging and uplifting. I thought I would have gotten this review up sooner, except I had to keep going back and re-read chapters. This isn't some casual afternoon read, this book provokes thought and requires time to soak it all in. I could barely make it through a couple chapters at a time. Normally, that would be a bad thing but not this time!

I have faced a lot of rejection this year. Maybe now that the wounds have started to heal I'll write about it. But until then, I can't recommend this book enough. If you're hurting, at least use this book as a starting place. Spend time in the scriptures she lists, and definitely pray. God will work wonders on your heart through Mrs. TerKeurst, if you'll let Him. He did just that for me!

Thank you, Lysa, for being bold enough to write this book. I can't thank you enough!

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!

Back Cover:
The enemy wants us to feel rejected . . . left out, lonely, and less than. When we allow him to speak lies through our rejection, he pickpockets our purpose. Cripples our courage. Dismantles our dreams. And blinds us to the beauty of Christ’s powerful love.

In Uninvited, Lysa shares her own deeply personal experiences with rejection—from the incredibly painful childhood abandonment by her father to the perceived judgment of the perfectly toned woman one elliptical over.

With biblical depth, gut-honest vulnerability, and refreshing wit, Lysa helps readers:
  • Release the desire to fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing God-honoring ways to process their hurt.
  • Know exactly what to pray for the next ten days to steady their soul and restore their confidence.
  • Overcome the two core fears that feed our insecurities by understanding the secret of belonging.
  • Stop feeling left out and start believing that "set apart" does not mean "set aside."
  • End the cycle of perceived rejection by refusing to turn a small incident into a full blown issue.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Starting a New Chapter

Sorry for the long blog silence! In case you hadn't heard, my darling husband and I are getting ready to add a third member to our little family later this month! <3 :) Be on the lookout for a book review of Lysa TerKeurst's latest release! 

20. 2-0. Twenty.

It's a new decade, a new year, a new chapter for me. Where has the time gone? I'm no longer a teenager, I'm definitely an adult. This seems bizarre. When did I grow up?

I suppose I've accomplished quite a bit in the last two decades, but I'm really excited to see what I get my hands into for the next two. I want to live with as few regrets as possible. I want to walk alongside God everyday. I want to live out the dreams He has placed in my heart. I want to live a life full of love.

He told me this past week that this coming year would be a year of preparation. For what exactly, I don't know yet. But He's promised it's good! He didn't promise it would be easy, or that I wouldn't be discouraged along the way. He has promised to be there. Picking me up when I stumble, holding me tight when times are rough, wiping away every tear, and nudging me onward. He's a good, good Father. 

I am so excited to see what He has for me. In the meantime, I'm following the marching orders I've been given. "One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much." (Luke 16:10 ESV) I encourage you to ask yourself, if you haven't already, what is God calling you to do right now? Are you doing it?