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In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews {Revell Blog Tour!}

18059983My Review:
Another awesome release from Andrews!

When the opportunity arose to review In the Shadow of Jezebel, I eagerly accepted. I have loved every novel of hers that I have read and this one is no exception. Going into the story, I wasn't sure what to expect. I generally knew from the back cover when the story would be set, however, I was not familiar with Jehosheba or Jehoiada. In my daily Bible study I choose to read Paul's letter over the numerous evil kings of Israel and Judah.

Jehosheba, or Sheba as she is more frequently referred to, is a wonderful character. Andrews evoked my compassion for the poor girl on more than one occasion. Sheba grew up in such a horrible, tense, environment that her change is a testament of the healing God gives, if we seek it. It isn't easy to balance an internal transformation but I think Andrews did excellent. Every hard, raw, moment felt realistic.

Despite his anger issues, Jehoiada was exactly the man Sheba needed and he was certainly the right high priest at the right time. I was/am fascinated with the sheer amount research Andrews has done on this time period. The temple, the palace, all of it jumped off the page and into my imagination. If one thing is certain, it's that Andrews has a talent for writing Biblical fiction.

To wrap up this review, I'll say this: While In the Shadow of Jezebel could not overtake Love in a Broken Vessel as my favorite novel from Andrews, Biblical fiction fans will be pleased and eager for more. I definitely recommend this book to teens/adults. I look forward to her future releases!

I received this book from Revell in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!

Back Cover:
Princess Jehosheba wants nothing more than to please the harsh and demanding Queen Athaliah, daughter of the notorious Queen Jezebel. Her work as a priestess in the temple of Baal seems to do the trick. But when a mysterious letter from the dead prophet Elijah predicts doom for the royal household, Jehosheba realizes that the dark arts she practices reach beyond the realm of earthly governments. To further Athaliah and Jezebel’s strategies, she is forced to marry Yahweh’s high priest and enters the unfamiliar world of Yahweh’s temple. Can her new husband show her the truth and love she craves? And can Jehosheba overcome her fear and save the family–and the nation–she loves?

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  1. I loved this book too! Thanks so much for sharing your review! Please feel free to come to Booknificent Thursdays at any Thursday and share some of your reviews! We'd love to have you.


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