Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{Book Review:} Meant to be Mine by Becky Wade

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Oh my goodness!!

Meant to be Mine is definitely my new favorite by Becky!! I was hooked from the very first chapter. Putting the book down was torture! I wanted to dive right into the pages of the book and shake some sense into Celia, then I wanted to play princesses with cute, adorable, Addie, and lastly I wanted to smack Ty. Seriously, could two people really be so stubborn? Nonetheless, I loved them both and I admired Ty trying to make things right with Celia.

(minor spoilers ahead!) If there was one thing that frustrated me the most it was probably the "we can kiss, but we're just friends" deal Celia and Ty struck up. Making out when no one was looking? Really? They're both so intelligent it drove me nuts thinking that they could make stupid decisions. Other than that, they acted within common sense. (end spoiler alert)

Celia, as Ty put it, is beautifully imperfect. She strives to take care of Addie to the best of her ability. She protects the little girl like a Momma Grizzly. I was glad to see Celia become gradually more independent and trustworthy of others. Whether she realizes it or not, she really changed from the Celia we first meet toward the beginning. It's a good change, though.

I'm not going to say too much about Ty. He made a lot of mistakes in his past and it was sad for me to think he was inflicting penance upon himself (i.e. no church, no women, etc.). He ran away from the thing he needed most: God. He probably changed for the better as much as Celia did. I'm glad they both found what they really needed.

To quickly sum up then, Meant to be Mine is a treasure, forever to stay on my bookshelf. I fell in love with the simple way Becky writes and, of course, her characters. (I desperately wish I could hug Addie!!) She takes simple Christianity concepts and makes her characters struggle. The battle isn't easy, but watching them overcome is encouraging. I highly recommend this novel to those who enjoy contemporary romance with a deeper theme/message and I also recommend to girls sixteen or older for readability and content.

I received this book from Bethany House in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!

Back Cover:
Ty Porter has always been irresistible to Celia Park. All through high school--irresistible. When their paths cross again after college--still irresistible. This time, though, Ty feels exactly the same way about Celia. Their whirlwind romance deposits them at a street-corner Las Vegas wedding chapel.

The next morning they wake to a marriage certificate and a dose of cold reality. Celia's ready to be Ty's wife, but Ty's not ready to be anybody's husband. As a professional bull rider, he lives on the road and can't bring himself to settle down.

Five and a half years pass. Celia's buried her dreams so that she can afford to raise her daughter. Ty's achieved all of his goals. Or thought he had, until he looks again into the face of the one woman he couldn't forget and into the face of the child he never knew he had.

How much will Ty sacrifice to make Celia's dreams come true, to win her trust, and to prove to her that their spontaneous marriage can still become the love of a lifetime?


  1. Reading this book now and heavens, do I ever love it. If possible, it may be my favorite from Becky yet. So much goodness to it. :)

    1. Yay! Glad you're liking it too. There is!


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