Tuesday, October 15, 2013

{Book Review:} Last Light by Terri Blackstock

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A thrilling concept and suspenseful plot!

Last Light disappointed me. I loved Blackstock's Intervention series, but this one just didn't do it for me. There are many reasons I felt so, but I'll get to them later. Throughout Last Light we read from the perspectives of Jeff, Kay, Doug, and Deni Branning and perhaps the villain once. Honestly, this family is relatively broken and if it wasn't for the power outage, I don't see how they could have been a happy family. Speaking of the power outage, a lot of people say it's reminiscent of the TV show Revolution. I have not watched the show so I cannot vouch for it; however, Last Light was originally published in '05, so it came first.

The power was hardly out for a day and people turned into savage maniacs. The cause of the said outage was supposedly a product of something in the atmosphere. Not a realistic viable option, in my opinion, nonetheless this outage knocked out everything, and I do mean everything. Cars, generators- even brand new ones, watches, etcetera. It's an event so extreme people call it an act of God. I strongly disagree with that, but that's a topic for another blog post.

It is very evident the time and effort Blackstock put into crafting this city and what it would be like with no electricity. For that, at least, I commend her. Her characters on the other hand need some work. Deni is such a brat. She whines, she complains, and I didn't like her at all. Alhough she has a "come to Jesus" moment later on in the book, it didn't read real, if that makes any sense. As for the rest of the Brannings, I found it hard to relate to any of them.

I won't be making an effort to read the rest of the series. If, after this review, your interest is piqued; I recommend Last Light to ages sixteen and older due to some crude content involving the villain but as an overall good read I don't recommend it.

I received an ebook copy of this book from Booksneeze in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!

Back Cover:
In the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to the age before electricity, Deni Branning's career ambitions have vanished. She's not about to let her dream of marriage go as well.

But keeping it alive will require extraordinary measures. Yesterday's world is gone. All Deni and her family have left is each other and their neighbors. Their little community will either stand or fall together. But they're only beginning to realize it - and trust doesn't come easily.

Particularly when one of them is a killer.

Best-selling suspense author Terri Blackstock weaves a masterful what-if novel in which global catastrophe reveals the darkness in human hearts - and lights the way to restoration for a self-centered world.


  1. An "everything out" power outage? Sounds like War of the Worlds, eheheh...

    1. Minus the aliens, of course. lol! I still remember the night we watched that... ;)

  2. My cousin just recommended this author. One of these days I'll read some of her novels. :)

    1. Well I wouldn't recommend you start with this series. Haha! The Intervention series, on the other hand, is fantastic. :) I think you'll enjoy Blackstock's other work.


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