Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing Mondays: Of Plots and Villains and Little Kittens

OK, so maybe I lied about the kitten part. This past week (coincidentally while my writing buddy was out of town) I had a problem. Not just any problem though. I couldn't find something for my heroine to fail at. I've fixed it for the most part now, thanks to my lovely friends over at Go Teen Writers. And now, I have a whole new plot element/twist that I'm excited about.

As for villains, there's definitely no doubt my villain is the bad guy now. But while he's cruel and malicious there is reasoning behind it all. And I never really understood why that was so important until this past week.

All villains need motives. Why does the villain hate your protagonist? Why is your villain evil? What does he hope to achieve? As an example, let me give you a little peek into my villain. :-)

For those who don't know, my WIP is set in a concentration camp and my villain is the Commander, who I shall refer to by his last name: Bruno. But how did he come to be a Nazi? And how did he get his Commander status?

Bruno's hatred and morals aligned with Hitler's when his son, a Nazi, was killed in a Jewish mob. He joined the ranks and quickly moved up. Months later he thought a Christian had raped his daughter. (This is not the case. However, to find out what really happened you'll have to read the book. ;D) This understanding is what sent him over the edge. He wants to see every Jew and Christian suffer because of what happened to his two children. After swearing his undying loyalty and his life to Hitler, he got the assignment for the camp.

So you see, revenge plays a huge part into my villain's evil-y-ness, the way he thinks and the way he acts. Revenge dabbles in a lot of villains' personal agendas too. What's your villain's motive?

There you have it. A little peek into my writing world! There will not be a "Writing Mondays" post next week, I will be out of town where I will have little internet access.

This is a really long post and I apologize. I hope you got something out of it though!

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All right, so maybe the whole kitten-thing wasn't a complete lie...

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  1. Hey Rosie! Love your post, villains are hard. And . . . Congratulations! You've been awarded The Booker Award. You can get the details here:



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