Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review: Like Moonlight at Low Tide by Nicole Quigley

Like Moonlight at Low Tide: Sometimes the Current Is the Only Thing That Saves YouMy Review:
This book is a wonderful read that tapped into my imagination. I could see events play out in my mind's eye. I could feel everything the main character, Melissa, was going through. This book begged for my attention in such a way, that I couldn't put it down!

Ms. Quigley's characters were realistic, relatable, and well rounded. I enjoyed watching Missy and Josh's friendship grow and develop. There were also some moments I could relate with Missy, which made me appreciate the book more.

Another reason I'm so attached to this book is because it's set in Florida, which is where I grew up. Though, I didn't grow up on Anna Maria Island I did grow up near Tampa Bay. I moved away recently from my hometown, and this book gave me a happy at-home feeling that I've missed.

I'd like to note that to make this realistic, Ms. Quigley discussed some teens drinking, including the main character. There was also talk of drugs and overdosing. Nothing is explicit, but some things are implied. I don't disagree with Ms. Quigley's decision to include these things in her novel, because without them the story would seem too fake.

Right now, this book stands as one of my favorites. I highly recommend it to any teen girl.

Back of the Book:
For Missy Keiser, returning to Anna Maria Island, Florida, means two things: her mother made another poor decision with men, and Missy will have to reenter a world where she’s known as “Messy,” a social pariah who dared to have a crush on Sam King, the most popular boy in school.

But much has changed in the three years she’s been away. Missy’s next-door neighbor is no longer an elderly woman but Josh, an intriguing boy who seems genuinely interested in her. At school, she’s surprised to find few people remember who she once was. And any remaining taunts of Messy are silenced when Sam King gives her his nod of approval.

Just as things seem to be perfect, Josh’s sudden distance, her mother’s latest relationship implosion, and her brother’s strange behavior threaten to ruin it all. Missy is forced to decide between the boy she’s always wanted, a boy who is intent on trying to save her, and the brother she’s known all her life. And her decision could have consequences she can never undo.

I received this book from DJC Communications in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done.


  1. Hmmm... sounds interesting! Love that cover art, too!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed this book so much.

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