Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ring of Secrets by Roseanna White

Ring of Secrets (The Culper Ring Series)My Review:
An excellent revolutionary romance!

I have not read many novels set in this era, but I am happy to say that I enjoyed this one in particular. This being the first novel by Roseanna that I've read, I'm exceptionally pleased! It was really easy to lose myself into the world of Winter and Bennet and turn page after page.

Winter is a young woman, who on purpose hides her true wit from the world. She pretends to be someone completely different in society, and it's wearing on her. She is only her true self when with Freeman, a fatherly figure, and Robbie, a childhood friend. Watching her slowly tear down her internal walls and open up to Bennet evoked pride in me and helped me adore her character all the more.

Right off the bat, it isn't clear which man we should root for in winning Winter's affections, at least, it wasn't to me at first. I won't spoil whom won out, but I must say my own heart was torn for half the book. Miss White's great use of setting terminology, character development, mystery, and twists make this book a great read. :-)

I was given a complimentary review copy in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks!!

Back Cover (from Harvest House):
Winter Reeves is an aristocratic Patriot forced to hide her heart amid the Loyalists of the City of New York. She has learned to keep her ears open so she can pass information on British movements to Robbie Townsend, her childhood friend, and his spy ring. If she's caught, if she's hung for espionage…well, she won't be. Robbie has taught her the tools of the trade: the wonders of invisible ink, drop locations and, most importantly, a good cover.

Bennet Lane returns to New York from his Yale professorship with one goal: to find General Washington’s spy hidden among the ranks of the elite. Searching for a wife was supposed to be nothing more than a convenient cover story for his mission, but when he meets Winter, with her too-intelligent eyes in her too-blank face, he finds a mystery that can’t be ignored.

Both believers…and both committed to a separate cause. Will their faith in God lead them to a shared destiny or lives lived apart?


  1. Sounds like a good read, Rosie!

    Sometimes I get "tired" of the love triangles if both guys are worthy suitors. However if done well, it doesn't make a difference - such as Lisa's "Grand Tour" series. I like both men, yet it's easier to accept who Lisa is steering Cora towards because Cora's choice is clear.

    1. It was! :)

      I know what you mean. I felt like it was done well, and I'm excited to see the suitor not chosen have a happy ending in a free novella coming out this summer. ;D


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