Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Year Gone... {Top Thirteen Books of 2013!}

Wow! I can hardly believe another year has gone by and that 2013 is almost over! It has been SUCH a great year for the blog and I have all of you, my dear readers, to thank for that.

Ah, 2013. Even when I think things can't get any better they do. That's just how my God works. {Rom. 8:28} Don't take this to mean I don't have growing pains, because I do. And when I do, I have made a habit of leaning on the One Who holds me in His hand. He is my Peace. He is the One I trust. {John 14:27} In this past year, He picked up my broken pieces and called me to forgive. He repaired the broken vessel I had become and called me to trust. He molded me into something new and called me His own. {2 Cor. 5:17} He is my Rock and my Refuge, to whom I owe everything.

2013 has been another busy year filled with memories and friends, new and old, and of course, family. I've been stretched beyond my capabilities in ways I would not have expected in 2012. It's been a year of healing, forgiveness, growth, and happiness, and that's just my personal life! In the past six or so months, God has blessed and continues to bless this blog in ways I couldn't anticipate.

Moving forward, I'm eager to see what this new year brings. I look forward to meeting more people, more bloggers, and talking with more authors. I look forward to expanding my blog posts to include more snippets of my life. I look forward to sharing more of my writing journey in the months to come. But most importantly, I look forward to shining my light. If 2013 was a great year, I cannot begin to imagine what 2014 will bring!
So, to close I bring you my top thirteen favorite books released this year (in no particular order). All of these books are marvelous and I love all of them in different ways. Some as a writer, others as a reader, and the rest simply as a human being. ;-D

  • My Hope is Found by Joanne Bischof
  • Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck
  • Icing on the Cake by Janice Thompson
  • Love in a Broken Vessel by Mesu Andrews
  • Captives by Jill Williamson
  • Anomaly by Krista McGee
  • Whispers from the Shadows by Roseanna White 
  • Rules of Murder by Julianna Deering
  • Stranded by Dani Pettrey
  • Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren
  • The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill
  • Return to Me by Lynn Austin
  • Dear, Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay

I pray that in the coming year you will be blessed. Thank you so much for reading. :-)


  1. Great list of books! The seven of them that I've read I totally agree with you! I just bought Joanne Bischof's first book with some of my Christmas money and I'm looking forward to reading it! I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you!

    1. Thanks, Abbi! Oh, I can't wait to read your thoughts! When I started Be Still My Soul all personal plans for that evening went out the window. Hope you like it!!

  2. We had several books in common...but you'll have to wait until my list comes out tomorrow to see what they are! ;) I think I also ended up with 13 books, plus five movies and four TV shows, if I remember right. :)

    1. I liked your list!! :D Hehehe, glad to see we have similar tastes. Happy New Year!!

  3. Great listing, Rosie.

    Loved Rachel's, Katherine's, Lisa's, Krista's, Julianna's and Dani's, of course. Cannot wait to see all that 2014 brings for you and this blog. Happy New Year! :)


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