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{Book Review:} Outcasts by Jill Williamson

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17679367My Review:
There is no easy way to explain my utter excitement about reading and reviewing Outcasts over the internet.

I was "captivated" by Captives and thus the bar was set high for Outcasts, but to my great delight Ms. Williamson came through! Every time I assumed to know how the book would end I found myself wrong! I truly did not know what was going to happen (I still don't, actually. lol!), and I love that. Ms. Williamson has a great, realistic setting that draws you in and holds you prisoner. I can't imagine all the thought that went into making the Safe Lands reality in her imagination.

Oh, and the characters were wonderful! Though, I admit, I was slightly disappointed that there were fewer references to The Princess Bride, however, this didn't stop me from enjoying Levi and Jemma's banter. I may, and probably am, be in the minority on this one, but I am wary of Ciddah. I suppose I'll have to withhold final judgement until I've read the next book. :-) Shaylinn remains my favorite character of all.

Those who have read the first in this series will certainly love this follow up. The cover for Outcasts is simply beautiful. I love the different colors and how they blend together. This sequel raises the stakes and pushes our beloved characters closer to their destination, whether internal or external. All in all, a great story- one for my keeper shelf!

I highly recommend this series to young adult Christians who enjoy other popular dystopians, my only caution to newer readers is in both Captives and Outcasts there is some minor content thanks to Omar and simply the crude ways the Safe Landers are trying to stay afloat. I recommend to those ages fifteen and older.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thanks, Jill!

Back Cover:
The remnant from Glenrock is now living as rebels within the Safe Lands, looking for a way to find purpose in their lives. When a young rebel is murdered and his death points to a rebel leader, it's hard to know who to trust.

Levi tries to organize a plan to free the children and fights for respect as elder over those who'd rather go their own way. Omar tries to change his image of a traitor by donning a costume and going out into the night as a vigilante hero. And Mason stumbles onto a shocking secret about the Safe Lands meds, but his investigation just might get them all liberated.

Also, Jill is running/writing a neat story on her blog right now called Oynx Eyes and YOU the reader can help! Check it out!

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