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Sixteen by Emily Rachelle {Guest Post!}

Hey, everyone! Today I am happy to share with you all about Sixteen, a fabulous, new, YA book by my friend, Emily Rachelle. For this stop on the tour, she'll be sharing with us the theme of Sixteen.

Here's the back cover copy:
Nicole "Nikki" Johnson has never gotten along with her mother, so when she meets a great new guy, it's no surprise that Matt's age is all her mom sees. Just because he's twenty-four and she's sixteen doesn't mean he's a creeper! Thankfully, Nikki's dad allows Nikki and Matt to be together and see how things work out. Their relationship is fantastic and Nikki is on cloud nine...

Until the Fourth of July picnic, when things go too far. Now a very changed Nikki has to make choices that will affect her every relationship - with Matt, her parents, her best friend, and most importantly, God.

All right, here's Emily!

In a previous post in this tour -- “The Story Behind Sixteen” -- I touched on all the different themes this story has taken on and discarded through the writing and editing process. The one that held on to the end is that of mother-daughter relationships. Fitting, considering the story’s original intent as a Mother’s Day gift.

The story focuses on a girl in 1995 named Nikki Johnson. She loves dance, hates wearing red, and hasn’t gotten along with her mother for years. Mrs. Johnson is too uptight, too overbearing, too perfectionist and my-way-or-the-highway. Nikki just doesn’t understand her, and she’s certain her mom knows nothing about her.

However, this isn’t the only mother-daughter relationship spotlighted in the book. The opening scene doesn’t actually introduce us to Nikki -- the first character we meet is Claire. She’s spunky and wild, as much a rebel on the outside as Nikki is inside, with her short purple hair and shredded jeans. Her mom isn’t quite the issue Nikki’s is, but they’re not always on the best of terms, either.

My mom and I have always gotten along better than any other teen girls and their mothers that I know. So why would I write a story like this -- and focus on such tension-filled relationships?

Honestly, I don’t know why. I just know this story came from something bigger than me. The more I learn about my friends’ relationships with my mom, the more shocked I am. Stereotypes of teen-to-mom relationships seem mild in comparison to real-life tales shared in the restroom while adjusting hair or fixing lip gloss. And this is coming from a homeschooled church girl! How crazy must life outside “the sheltered” be?

I don’t want to give away spoilers, but as with any story’s conflict, Sixteen does end with both Nikki and Claire on a different page with their mothers than they started. (Pun totally intended.) My friends’ stories of constant ‘momma drama’ tugged at me, in not a good way. I guess part of me hopes moms will get insight into their daughters’ heads, and fellow daughters will see there is hope for peace, in reading my book.

Emily RachelleBorn in Panama, Emily Rachelle has traveled throughout the country and the world with her Air Force family. Currently, she lives with her parents and three brothers in middle Georgia. While Emily enjoyed reading as far back as she remembers, writing didn't come to her until she learned the forms of poetry and the basics of story in fourth grade. Since then, she's written scripts for homeschool dramas, poems for birthday presents, and stories for friends and family to enjoy. Sixteen is her debut into the professional world of words. You can find Emily at her blog, Emily Rachelle Writes,

Wow, that's great, Emily! I've always known my relationship with my mom was different from other girls, and I never understood that. I hope your story influences positive relationships between mothers and daughters!

If you're like me, I bet you're begging to find out where you can purchase your own copy of Sixteen! Sixteen can be found at any of the following places:



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Be on the lookout of my review of Sixteen next week!

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