Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing Mondays: A Tale of Two Villains

In my new WIP, Civil War, I recently discovered I have two villains not one. They're equals. Partners in crime, really. Each has a tie to my either MMC or my FMC. Now, don't get me wrong, trying to work with two villains hasn't been easy. For instance, they aren't talking to me. Typical villain, huh? So, I briefly explained to their backs (since they weren't facing me) that I would be making this post and that they would have no say in what I posted. Despite their silence I still have a few bits of knowledge that might make them talk. Curious? I hope so!

Let's start it off with my main villain in Civil War Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Davis. He is the essence of what money can buy. He used to be strong, honest, and handsome, I must admit. But instead of helping his compatriots with organizing a rebellion he got bought out as a deadly asset to the government. What could cause him to make such a drastic turn in his value system? Well, you see his troubles began when-.

Davis: I think you've said enough about me and my past. 

Me: Does this mean you're finally willing to tell me-?

Davis: No.

Me: Is there anyway I can-?

Davis: No. 

Me: Would you stop saying that?

Davis: No. 

Me: Whatever. I'll move on to your partner, Colonel Diana Granger. Miss Diana is a different form of evil, maybe even more severe than our friend Greg.

Davis: It's Gregory, not Greg.

Me: Shut up. As I was saying.... Diana is bigger and badder news. Before the government takeover, she was sitting her butt in jail serving time for murder and a white-collar scam. But then the government was taken over. So they changed her status and made her an even better asset to them than Greg. But don't tell him I said that.

Davis: I can hear you, you pathetic blogger. I know people. People that could-.

Me: I can kill you in three words.


Me: Sorry about him. He can be a real pain in the butt. Oh dear, I think I've run out of time... At least I got Davis to speak!

Have you ever had trouble with your villain? Tell me how you got them to cooperate in the comments! Or, if you haven't yet, feel free to share your frustration. Hehehe.... Until next time, friends!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Hehe, I needed to do something productive to learn about my villains and surprisingly this worked.

    2. Oh, cool! That is great that it helped! One of my (pitiful) stories takes place post Civil war while my more recent one is set in modern times. For practical purposes the latter probably wouldn't have a villain but the former definitely would!

      Best of luck!

    3. :-D Villains are some real tough cookies, you just have to learn how to crack 'em.

      Best of luck with your story!

  2. Lol, villians are hard! I really need to work on understanding mine, but I don't like him very much xD well, he's a villian!

    1. They are! The villain for my last novel *never* spoke to me. His daughter on the other hand spilled the beans. xD

  3. Very clever post, my dear cousin ;)


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