Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review: Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel

My Review:
This was a somewhat less enjoyable Jack Hawthorne adventure, when compared to the previous novel. But before I dive into the negatives of this book, let me present the positives. :-)

Serpent of MosesHoesel begins Serpent of Moses in third person. This was different for me, seeing as the first book was written in first person. (You can see my review here.) I freely admit I found the change confusing. Were we with Jack? Or is it Duckey? Espy?  Thankfully, Hoesel revealed who it was within a paragraph, but it left a bad taste.

I found Esperanza's loyalty, when it counted, to be very, very admirable. Duckey's too. Especially after all that occurred in Elisha's Bones. In addition, I liked it when Jack had his realization that his relationship with Espy is more important than gallivanting off after artifacts. Friendship plays a big part in Hoesel's novels and it's an element I enjoy.

Now, to briefly disclose my cons. I really didn't like the change to third person. I think I understand why Hoesel did it, but it still aggravated me when I got lost. Because of the change, I struggled to keep up even more so than I did in Elisha's Bones. I also did not like all the jumping around from person to person. It just added to my confusion. Finally, though the story was fast paced at some points, in others it felt like it was dragging.

I'll conclude with one final statement: If I hadn't read Elisha's Bones first, I think I might have liked Serpent of Moses more. I give this book three stars.

Back of the Book:
Just three years after the recovery of Elisha's bones, Dr. Jack Hawthorne has given up teaching and resumed the practice of archaeology, although his frequent absences have put a strain on his relationship with Esperanza. Things heat up when Esperanza receives a call from an antiquities dealer with troubling news about Jack, and her fears are confirmed. Jack has gone to Libya in search of another biblical artifact: the Nehushtan, the serpent staff of Moses.
After Jack arrives in Libya, he soon discovers he isn't the only one searching for the Nehushtan. Later, in attempting to steal it, he finds himself in the hands of a man who just might be his match. Jack and his friends must stay one step ahead of the Libyan government, an overambitious member of the Vatican hierarchy, and an Egyptian assassin--if they stand any chance of staying alive long enough to recover the staff.

I received this book from Bethany House in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. 


  1. This is the one I have to review too. I never read the first book, so I haven't had much of a problem with the switch etc. etc. I think it's a pretty interesting book, but not the best ever written. :D

    1. Yeah. I think reading the first book may have biased me... Oh well!

  2. Well I know one thing: if I ever read this book I'll have a good idea of what to expect from your review. ^^

    1. :-D Thanks! Just keep in mind, that if you don't read Elisha's Bones first that this novel may an enjoyable read. But I don't know for sure.. Too biased. XD


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